Rimodi Fountain:Built by Rector Alvise Rimodi in 1626, it is located in Titos Petichakis Square, an area known to the locals as “Platanos”.

Venetian Loggia

Venetian Loggia:Built in 1538-1540, probably by the Veronese engineer Sanmicheli, it is one of the few that survived the plundering of the city by pirates led by Uluj-Ali in 1571.

Historical and folk Art Museum

Historical and Folklore Museum of Rethymno:Venetian mansion of the 17th century that houses the historical and folklore museum of the city consists of five rooms with objects of folk art and traditional literature.


Archaeological Museum of Rethymno: It is located temporarily in the former church of Agios Fragiskos(St Francis). It consists of finds from the Neolithic to the Roman period.


Neratze Mosque: From a Catholic monastery of the Augustinian Order to a mosque and now a conservatory, the Neradze Mosque with its characteristic minaret is one of the most famous sights of the city.

Sight distance from Utopia Luxury Suites 7km.